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From today, anyone who comes to me with questions I’ll answer your tumblr private. Then you can come without shame or fear. If you want to talk to me, it will be just between us. If you still have shame can come in anonymous ..

I’m thinking of getting tumblr, for other platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, VK, what do you think? I would need moderators to help me! Tale opinion and support of you! Kisses

With this I think I could be more active and provide more information about the band for you! 

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Anonymous asked ;  
I want to get better, and I want to go to my school counsellor but I'm not sure what to expect. What kind of questions do they ask you?

I searched the school counselor once, they had cases of racism in my class, which bothered me a lot, and that bitch despite seeing me cry and talk it would take an attitude aware class, she did nothing! I back   most times I solutions and nothing happened! So I changed schools (which did not make much difference). One thing that disgusts me is to realize that a person finds himself better than the other. But back to your question … I  went on two different psychiatrists, and first let me talking kinda alone. Now I’m going to the doctor now, he talks to me , ask me my opinion about things, you know? Since my relationship with the people, even as I feel when I leave the house ..

pikey-way asked ;  
duuude your icon is top notch

U too sunshine!

Anonymous asked ;  
I'm going to therapy for the first time in a few days, and I'm so scared that I'll be hospitalized. Any advice?

hmm, I do not know what to tell you darling. Depends on the way you see this. I especially never talk to my shrink everything, unless I know that I can no longer cope alone when I know I’m a risk for me. I need to trust my doctor, and if it fails at the first consultation. It is good that you seek a professional you trust pass. I can not trust anyone, but I know that at least he will listen and try to help me, and will take what I say seriously. Anyway, good luck!


gerard and lindsey are real cute

Anonymous asked ;  
Just wanted to say I'm happy you are back! Also I admire how strong you are and that you truly are trying to get better. I love you blog and your IG account, you are so amazing and incredibly strong!

I’m not strong, the people around me are. Just for this I continue here. I don’t know even when, but this is an start !